CellPoint is committed to 100% satisfaction with each shipment.

We strive to:

  • Deliver with 100% quality acceptance
  • Deliver in the correct quantity
  • Deliver at the correct time and date
  • Deliver in the correct packaging
  • Deliver with the correct documentation

CellPoint’s commitment to 100% quality is continuously supported with technology and experience.

How We Ensure Quality

  • Complete Documentation Delivered with Final Acceptance Inspection
  • Pictures of the Packaging, Protection, and what the box should look like when first opened
  • A Sample of the Technology Applied to Ensure 100% Quality in each product delivered
    • Tumble Test — Will Repaired Items Perform as Intended by OEM?
    • Transportation Simulation Vibration Table — Assuring that the Packaging Protection is Sufficient to Defend Against Damage During Transport
    • Wear Testing Machine — Verifying function of OEM required, anti-fingerprint
      TP Surface Coating