CellPoint Group

CellPoint distinguishes itself among its peers with world-class engineering. We hone our competitive edge through our driven people, exact processes, best practices, experience, and a desire to win. Our engineering team is led by:

Global Quality Director – Sabir Ali

    Sabir is an industry veteran in Manufacturing and Reverse Logistics. His expertise encompasses process development, standardization of systems, the design and development of B2B solutions, and process life cycle development of consumer electronic goods. He has successfully improved processes by applying lean process theories and Six Sigma measurements.

Engineering Manager – HK – Harvey Lui

Case Study

Background: A customer was forced to shut down a 500-unit-per-shift production line due to catastrophic part shortage. The entire lot of reclaimed parts failed inbound inspection. The existing physical inventory similarly failed functional testing. The customer contacted CellPoint for immediate parts availability.

CellPoint Solution: A CellPoint engineer arrived on site with samples for FAI.

The CellPoint engineer found similar results with first two samples. He knew the parts had been thoroughly tested and approved by CellPoint Shanghai. He immediately searched for a cause inside the repair facility. RCA determined two issues: the part was being tested at the wrong amperage and the part insertion technique used at the facility was breaking a key connector.

Outcome: The customer changed their training and process documents. CellPoint was able to provide expedited parts delivery. The CellPoint engineer stayed at the facility through the second shipment’s receipt and through the first shift that used the new part testing and insertion method. The customer resumed billing over $18,000 and reduced idle staff expense by $1,000 per day. The customer admitted to a savings of over $100,000 during the episode.