uBeam promises wireless charging


uBeam recently announced they have a fully functional prototype of their wireless cellular phone charger ready to build for consumers. uBeam’s approach is unique in that is converts electricity to sound and sends that signal over the air via ultrasound. The inventor Meredith Perry spoke with the New York Times about the difference this makes:

“This is the only wireless power system that allows you to be on your phone and moving around a room freely while you’re device is charging,” Ms. Perry said in an interview. “It allows for a Wi-Fi-like experience of charging; with everything else you have to be in close range of a transmitter.”

uBeam charging stations will be thin enough to be tacked to walls like wallpaper. Though external receivers will be available, uBeam promises to change the way phones are designed.

“If wireless power is everywhere, then the size of your battery can shrink because it’s always charging.” Ms. Perry said. “You’ll never need a cord again, and you won’t need international charging adapters.”

uBeam products will be available in two years.

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