Sprint’s incoming CEO proved himself with Brightstar

Marcelo-claureBrightstar doesn’t have any stores or branded products of its own but that never stopped them from racking up 200 mobile operators in 50 countries as clients. Brightstar “can take care of their phones and other devices all the way from the factory, to the warehouse, to the store shelf, to trade-in and recycling or resale,” said a recent piece in PC World. Marcelo Claure founded Brightstar in 1997. He’s now moving to the top position at Sprint.

Claure shaped the success of Brightstar by knowing the company had to get involved in the details of the carriers’ business. The company can handle all the non-core details for the carriers from insurance to complicated financing plans.

“[Claure] realized, right when the wireless industry was exploding, that a dedicated distribution company could provide [those services] more cheaply and efficiently—for him, profitably—than the carrier could do themselves,” said analyst Roger Entner of Recon Analytics.

With his background, Claure appears to be an excellent choice for Sprint who is focused on competing with rival T-Mobile instead of trying to purchase the fourth-place carrier.

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