Sprint offers “carbon negative” iPhone accessories

pinkhoneycombSprintAirCarbonSprint has become the first carrier to begin offering “carbon negative” phone accessories. Starting with cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s, these accessories are made from waste greenhouse gases instead of petroleum.

According to greenbiz.com:

The main ingredient in the cases, AirCarbon, comes from startup Newlight Technologies, which calls its product carbon-negative, even after production and end of life are taken into account. The company uses carbon dioxide or methane from farms and landfills as well as from wastewater treatment and anaerobic digester plants. AirCarbon “can then be formed and molded into almost any given design,” it says.

Sprint has been focused on sustainability recently. The company overhauled its cell phone buyback and recycling program last year and has worked to develop ratings for more sustainable phones. Sprint’s director of corporate responsibility, Amy Hargroves explained the AirCarbon accessories and Sprint’s overall perspective:

“There isn’t one option that is going to change the world. Instead it takes a combination of efforts and innovations to collectively create change,” Hargroves said. “We like this option because it removes greenhouse gases from the air — the key contributor to global warming…We aren’t limiting ourselves to just this one technology solution, but see it as a potential game changer.”

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