Environmental Focus

Our increasingly connected world requires more sophisticated tools than ever before. We believe these technological advances provide Cellpoint with the opportunity to be exemplary stewards of our environment. CellPoint’s business is based on recycling and refurbishing our electronic tools, slowing the growth of electronic waste while providing valuable service to our customers and our planet.

We maintain the highest certifications while executing the best practices to keep our business clean, efficient, and user-friendly.

  • We are an environmentally-responsible member of our community.
  • We act responsibly with respect to conditions that impact health, safety or the environment.
  • We improve our practice with a focus on environmental stewardship.
  • We practice safe, conscious manufacturing processes.
  • We comply with the letter and spirit of the law regarding regulations and other requirements on our industry.
  • We conduct strict audits of our practices and of our downstream suppliers to ensure compliance to environmental certifications.